First day I’m in London and I see this. 

First day I’m in London and I see this. 

I have internet!!!! On a phone though, which is a pain in the ass because tumblr is so different and i’m totally lost BUY ANYWAYS, i’m just quickly checking in to wish you Merry Christmas my loves, i’ll come here everytime i can (probably before i go to sleep) so i’ll talk to you guys soon! :-D

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To the crazy people who still follow me

It’s been a long time (longer than I expected) and I wish I’d been able to come here but you know, life happened. Nothing tragic don’t worry, I’m just busy as fuck.

I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be going to London (I’M KINDA HYPERVENTILATING) from the 24th ‘til the 31st of December and I don’t know if I’ll have Internet so I thought I should come here and wish to the 10 people that still follow me (I lost so many followers ahahah), who I love very much, a Merry Christmas in case I won’t be able to come here on Christmas.

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to come here for such a long time, I hope I’ll be more present next year.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!

131/100+ photos of this asshole called Jeremy Renner

131/100+ photos of this asshole called Jeremy Renner

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Avengers - Arcangeles

by: Azriels (http://azriels.tumblr.com/)

this is the best thing I have ever seen ever ever ever. 


Excuse me while I think about the perfection of this

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